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Infants physiotherapy

If your baby has postural asymmetry, increased or decreased muscle tension, congenital disease or you just want to check if he is developing properly, we invite you to the experienced physiotherapist Ilona Sambor. Children are usually happy when exercised and parents are educated on how to prevent developmental defects in everyday life.
Indications for visiting a physiotherapist:
1. frequent body tenacity
2. frequent bending of the head back
3. constant extension of the limbs
4. frequent clenching of fists with adduction of the thumb
5. excessive resistance in limbs while dressing
6. excessive laxity
7. child doesn’t want to lie on the tummy
8. the gap in the navel line
9. abnormal grasping 
10. rotation to one side only
11. head tilt
12. continuous retraction of elbows
13. forefoot adduction
14. clenching the toes
15. trembling of the limbs
16. excessive and strange mobility of a child
17. difficulty in making and maintaining eye contact
18. prophylaxis

Ilona Sambor