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Neurological physiotherapy

Neurological rehabilitation is indicated in diseases such as: stroke, spinal cord injury,  traumatic brain injury, polyneuropathy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s desease, paresis, cerebral palsy, neuromuscular disorder.

Neurological physiotherapy includes the precise selection of auditory, tactile and visual stimuli and movement facilitation in such a way that the nervous system reacts with the most optimal response. We rely on neuroplasticity and functional therapy. Our physiotherapists use PNF and Bobath methods, which effectiveness is confirmed by research. We believe that every patient, regardless of the duration of the disease, is able to improve if a physiotherapist is able to bring out his potential.

We try to make each hour of rehabilitation an adventure and therapy for the patient, bringing them closer to independence in everyday life. Our goal is not only to restore mobility, but if possible, also help the patient in gaining education, professional work, encourage him to develop hobbies and build social relationships.