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Posture therapy

Postural therapy is recommended for children over 4 years of age if you see that the child:

– has a round back or his spine is assymetric

– has one hip or shoulder higher

– puts the belly forward

– puts knees inside

– places his feet strangely

– turns his head always in the same direction

– complains of back pain or knee pain

– has flat feet, scoliosis, hyperlordosis, funnel chest

In 2021, studies of Polish school-age children showed that over 90% of children have a posture defect, predisposing to serious disorders in the future. Postural therapy is therefore recommended for all children for prophylaxis.

During the visit, the physiotherapist assesses the body posture, performs a series of tests and determines what problems the child has at present and may have in the future. Rehabilitation includes restoring the correct range of motion in the joints, stretching, strengthening, activating the abdominal muscles, exercising stabilization, balance and coordination, restoring movement control and correcting body posture. There are many methods of working with faulty posture. Effective therapy has to be individual. Our physiotherapists have completed postgraduate training in most effective methods of treatment. Children come to us with a smile on their face because they know that rehabilitation can be great fun.

If your child is involved in any sport, a physical therapist will help them reduce the risk of injury and increase their motor skills.

Building a correct body posture will also help children who play an instrument intensively.