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Spine physiotherapy (for back pain or neck pain )

In Fizjo Instytut, back pain patients are the largest group. We work with patients who have undergone major spine surgeries and those who want to prevent surgery. We cooperate with experienced neurosurgeons and physiotherapists. The sooner you start working on your spine, the easier and faster you will get the effect. Even a one-time back pain should make you visit a physiotherapist. All pain has a cause. A physical therapist performs a series of diagnostic tests to find out what is causing the pain. Therapist analyzes your body posture, movement mechanics and your lifestyle. He can help you discover how you can prevent back problems in your daily life. The therapy usually combines elements of massage, soft tissue relaxation, joint mobilization, muscle strengthening, stretching, stabilization training and motor control training. Physiotherapist will help you create a home exercise program individually adjusted to your needs.