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Vestibular rehabilitation

If you feel dizzy while turning in bed, reaching for an object, moving your head, it is possible that your labyrinth or the entire vestibular system are not working properly. Our physiotherapist, Marek Zaleski will help you get rid of dizziness and vertigo. During the visit, he will perform diagnostic tests to confirm the cause of the dizziness. If dizziness is caused by labyrinth dysfunction, there are a number of therapeutic maneuvers and exercises that effectively reduce the feeling of dizziness. Physiotherapist Marek Zaleski has 30 years of experience in treating vertigo and he cooperates with neurologists and laryngologists.

Vestibular rehabilitation is indicated if:

– you feel dizzy when you turn around in bed

– you get dizzy when you move your head

– you feel “unsure” in large stores and crowds of people

– you feel dizzy when you reach for items

– you often have the feeling that you may fall or you have fallen

– it is difficult for you to move around the apartment if it is dark

– you have a disease of the labyrinth or the vestibular system

According to the literature, a correctly performed reposition maneuver is 90% effective in the case of positional vertigo, and balance training reduces the risk of falling down.